The way rubber is made

People were curious about Sheikh Anwar Rubber from the very beginning. Because rubber is water proof. Water does not leak. Can be stretched. It is possible to melt into heat and turn it into any shape. At first there were some basic difficulties in using rubber. For example, in cold weather, rubber hardens and shrinks. It melts again in the heat and becomes a soft glue.

Items made of rubber could not be used for more than 24 hours. For thousands of years, people in Central and South America made rubber sizes of various sizes. Among them were shoes, balls, water containers, thirst quenching cloaks etc.

Rubber is available, from the sap of the rubber tree. The juice looks white. Just like milk. The white streaks of the rubber tree are the main components of rubber. This strand of rubber is called white gold. Rubber trees grow in temperate countries of the world.

There are rubber plantations in Moulvibazar and Habiganj of Bangladesh, Bhatera, Satgaon, Shahjibazar and Rupaichhara. The piece of wood was cut from the trunk of a rubber tree. The juice continues to flow from that part of the chacha. It can be seen that if a stick is put in the chacha part, the juice starts dripping. It is better to collect the juice in this way.

After the invention of rubber and the method of hardening liquid rubber, people also came up with. Meanwhile, Europeans began to think of a way to re-liquefy hard rubber. Even a few days ago, coal gas was used to light houses and roads. Its main byproduct is naphtha.

Naphtha melts hard rubber and liquefies the rubber. Charles Sakintol made a beautiful raincoat at that time on a liquid rubber solution set between two pieces of cloth. Although this raincoat was very heavy and stiff. However, this is the world’s first raincoat or raincoat.

This time in London, Thomas Hancock collected some rubber from South America. With that rubber he made the elastic parts of rubber bands, gloves, boots, etc. However, if the rubber was heated or re-liquefied, the previous energy would be lost and distorted quickly.

So, even though rubber has been modified in various ways for a long time, the idea of ​​how to keep it strong, strong, smooth, expandable, adhesive, that is, its natural qualities intact, began.

After the introduction of overshows in America, the Indians of Amazon used to make and export these overshoes. Soon waterproof coats, life-saving tubes, wagon lids, hose pipes, etc. were also made of rubber. The market was full of rubber things. However, there were still problems like hardening of rubber, sticky, sticky, bad smell etc.

At different times, people have tried to find a way to get rid of the defects of rubber in hot and cold weather. Charles Goodyear is the most successful of them all. Before talking about Goodyear, one should say something about others.

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