The price of eggplant has gone up, 4-5 hundred manas are sold every day

The eggplant market is located in the Melandah railway station area of ​​Jamalpur. Eggplants are being kept in big piles. This time eggplant has got good yield in this upazila. Eggplant market is frozen due to demand all over the country. This time the price of eggplant is also higher. The farmers of Melandah Upazila are smiling after getting good yield and price.

Eggplant market runs every day from 1 pm to 10 pm. Eggplant of this upazila is famous all over the country. Its demand is also huge in different parts of the country. This time eggplant has been cultivated in 550 hectares of land in the whole upazila.

It is known on the spot that the eggplant market is sitting in an open field next to the Melandah railway station. Farmers from different villages of the upazila are bringing eggplants in horse carts, vans and cages.

After noon, the whole market was filled with purple. Then began the sale. Wholesalers and workers are busy buying eggplants and filling them in sacks. Then the wholesalers loaded the trucks to take them to different districts of the country.

Talking to some farmers, it is known that the old Brahmaputra river flows through the eastern side of Melandah upazila. The river was once very fast flowing due to its direct connection with the Pramatta Jamuna.

There is no connection with Jamuna now. But in the eastern part of Melandha, silt accumulates extensively in large chars including Tupkar Char, Balur Char, Char No. 4, Char No. 2 and Char No. 5. Since then, farmers have been cultivating brinjal in those chars.

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